Savant Transcription Service

Fast, accurate, high quality transcription by industry-educated professional medical transcriptionists

Exceeding Dictation Needs

We offer fast and accurate high quality transcription by industry-educated professional medical transcriptionists. We provide medical transcription services to individual doctors, practices, and other medical transcription companies. We will provide you with a free trial of the quality work that we perform.

Our Story

For more than 20 years, Savant Transcription Service has provided quality medical transcription nationwide, operating out of the Dallas metroplex. Founded and operated by Hope Savant, a committed group of trained, experienced, medical transcriptionists provide the highest quality transcription service in the nation.

Why Choose us

Simply put, we are the best. Your dictation will be professionally transcribed by trained, USA based transcriptionists.

No tricks, no gimmicks. Our transcription is never outsourced and every word is produced and verified by medical transcription professionals.

USA Accurate

Our trained, professional transcriptionists are USA based. No outsourcing or substandard voice-to-text shortcuts.

24hr Delivery

Digital dictation files will be transcribed and delivered with 24 hours of upload.

HIPAA Privacy

We are HIPAA compliant and confidential and follow all industry standard security protocols for both delivery and handling of medical information.

Digital, Phone or Tape Pickup

Whatever your format of dictation, we can process it. We also can accommodate tape pickup within the Dallas area.

Client Testimonials

“Savant Transcription Service has been handling my transcription service for more than 30 years. You can imagine the many changes that have occurred with medical practices in the last 30 years and Savant Transcription has progressed with the times, making all necessary changes and met our every need for transcription."
Richard Buch, M.D.
Dallas Limb Restoration Center
“Thank you, Savant Transcription Service, for your diligent and conscientious work. At a time where personalized service, excellent craft, and acute professionalism is rare, your firm always comes through no matter the difficulty or the timeline of the project."
Douglas Newby
National Award-Winning Real Estate Broker and Author
“Hope's work at Transcription Services consistently excels beyond what you ask. I've been blessed to have her do my secretarial work for 24 years doing challenging projects."
Dr. Nina Rosoff
Business Management Consultant and Author